Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Things

Girls like new things. This should be nothing new. What you probably do not know is the thought process behind this new thing she just got.

Females, especially ones that are moms or involved with someone, will most likely put themselves last. When given the choice to buy something for herself or buying something that she knows her child or significant other would like, she will choose the latter.

It starts as a struggle. “Do I really need this?” “(Insert name here) needs (insert item here) a lot more than I need something new.” “But I really would like to have a new (insert item here).”

Even the simplest things can make the day of a female. There is nothing in the world like buying brand new panties and bras.

And, I am very sorry to say, girls will never have enough shoes and purses. We just will not, so deal with it, and as long as she isn’t threatening to sell her children on eBay, just learn to live with it.

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