Tuesday, August 31, 2010


If you are lucky enough to have a girl that CAN cook, yay for you. If you are lucky enough to have a girl that WILL cook for you, then double yay. If you have a girl that WILL cook but isn’t very good at it, then I am very sorry to say that you will just have to learn to love it or just cook for yourself. DO NOT, let me repeat, DO NOT ever criticize her cooking or make any reference to how it’s not like your mom’s, sister’s, or (for the love of cheap noodles) ex-girlfriend. She will send you running to said person’s house quicker than you can finish getting the words out of your mouth. In her mind, she is thinking, “At least I took the time to cook. I didn’t HAVE to do that!” She may or may not say this aloud.

I can offer you one solution, but you have to be very careful. This has to be about YOU not her. See if there are any cooking classes offered in your area and suggest going TOGETHER as TOGETHER TIME. Stress how YOU want to learn how to cook better and you want HER to go with YOU to spend time TOGETHER. Remember, it HAS TO BE ABOUT YOU. If she makes some comment to the effect of is this because of my cooking say “Of course not” or “no its because I want to learn and I want you to come with me” or “No, I want to learn and I love spending time with you.”

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