Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"Are you going to make me?"

NEVER, let me repeat NEVER, say this to a girl in response to a request she has made unless you want a fight.


If a girl is sick, she does not care if her legs are smooth and shaved and neither should you.


Women tend to hold on to things.

They will continue to build and build until everything finally spills out in one massive explosions.

She will let things flow that may have happened weeks ago.

Be prepared.


Be warned. There are some words as phrases that you can call your lady love, even in the heat of an arguement, that are unforgivable, regardless of the reason behind saying it. The "b" word is a big one, followed by whore, c**t,.. well, you get the idea.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Purse

A girl's purse is her sanctuary. For the most part, it is off limits. Even if she tells you to get something out of her purse, odds are, don't do it. Bring her the purse and let her get whatever out of it. Most girls will find this annoying, but cute.

Another thing to note here is a woman can never have too many purses. They are like shoes. Just get used to it.

Superhuman powers

Girls have the ability to do more in one hour than a guy can do all day.


A girl will drop hints of things she wants and, trust me, she will remember what's she hinted for and she will expect you remember and get it for her. Girls rarely come right out and say what they want.

"Do you think you would have dated her....."

If having a conversation with your lady love and the topic of another girl comes up (like one of your co-workers or close friends that is a girl) and she asks you if she had not come along would you have ended up dating said person, the answer is hell no. Never, repeat NEVER, say probably not. The word probably indicates that there was a chance you would have ended up with said girl and in your lady love's mind translates to you might dump her for said person.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Love You, but I'm Not in Love with You

If there is a list somewhere of the ultimate cop-offs, this should top the list. All this statement does is get you out the relationship without an explanation. If you have dated this girl for an extended amount of time, you owe her some type of explanation. She will agonize over the situation, questioning everything she did to try to figure out what she did wrong regardless of if it was her fault or not.

Girls tend to have selective hearing and will latch on to what she wants to hear. If she has any feelings at all for you, she will only hear the “I love you” part and think that the door is still cracked for reconciliation.

Learning New Things

If you are trying to teach your significant other a new thing, be patient.

Remember it takes people different amounts of time to learn new things.

Do NOT ever say that an ex or a girl that is a friend that your significant other does not like “got it right away”.

Girls feel like they have to be superior than previous girlfriends and this statement certainly will not do that. It could result in her walking away from said thing and blaming you. (“You just aren’t patient enough to teach me.”) This makes it seem like it was her idea to stop learning said thing, as she still feels superior. It is better to walk away than fail (in her eyes).

NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER suggest to her that you will go get said individual to teach her. Not only is that extremely insensitive to her feelings, but it destroys her self-confidence and it puts her on said person’s level, so therefore she is no longer superior. If you have a mutual friend that can teach her, ask that person. It is easier for her to fail with a friend than with you.

She does not want you to know that she has failed or is not capable of learning the new thing.
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